Colebrook Chihuahuas

Colors & Markings

The Chihuahua is a beautiful breed and comes in an array of colors and markings.Each as  unique as the dog itself. There are 29 AKC recognized colors in the chihuahua and 11 markings.According to the AKC standard a chihuahua can be any color, solid, marked, or splashed. Here we will discuss the colors and markings that you find in the chihuahua breed. There are several different color groups in the chihuahua with various shades listed in that group.Hope you enjoy!

Colors and codes as according to the AKC standard
Black S 007
Black & Tan S 018
Blue & Tan S 044
Chocolate S 071
Chocolate & Tan S 072
Cream S 076
Fawn S 082
Fawn & White S 086
Red S 140
Black & Red A 014
Black & Silver A 016
Black & White A 019
Black Sabled Fawn A 354
Black Sabled Silver A 353
Blue A 037
Blue & White A 045
Blue Brindled Fawn A 356
Blue Fawn A 036
Chocolate & White A 271
Chocolate Blue A 359
Chocolate Brindled Fawn A 355
Chocolate Sabled Fawn A 358
Cream & White A 077
Fawn Brindled Black A 357
Gold A 091
Gold & White A 092
Red & White A 146
Silver A 176
Silver & White A 182
White A 199

Markings according to the AKC standard.
Black Brindling S 073
Black Mask S 004
Black Sabling S 072
Merle Markings S 035
Spotted On White S 071
White Markings S 014
Black Mask, White Markings A 005
Blue Mask A 006
Cream Markings A 044
Fawn Markings A 008
Red Markings


  Fawn is the most common color in the chihuahua breed. The color can range from a lighter hue to a dark fawn. Markings in fawns often include a black mask and white markings. This is the color that most people think of when they think of a chihuahua. The fawn colored chihuahua is still an all time favorite and very popular. There are varying shades of fawn , these are listed below:

Cream is lighter then a fawn but not quite a white. Most creams have some white on them.Often referred to as blond. This color tends to be another popular color among the chihuahua crowd.

Red is the darker version of a fawn. This color appears as almost a dark orange.

Gold is a very rich Color that closely resembles the color of honey. Much shinier then fawn.

Fawn and White the dog has a mostly solid colored base of fawn with white markings on the face, chest, and legs.

Fawn Spotted on White
the base color of the dog is white with splashed or patches of fawn

Black Sabled Fawn Mostly fawn but has black sabled throughout the coat usually around the back and tail area.

Chocolate Sabled Fawn the same as black sabled fawn but with chocolate sabled throughout the coat.

Blue Fawn the color of the dog is fawn however there is a blue tint to it.The dog will usually have a blue muzzle. Often blue fawn puppies are born blue and their color changes to more of a fawn as they grow.

White is  often seen in a chihuahua however a solid white chihuahua is hard to find.They often have other colors or patterns.

Black is another favorite in the chihuahua crowd. It is the most dominant color gene. These dogs have dark colored eyes and a dark nose.As with the white color is a chihuahua, a solid black chihuahua is not common, often they have some sort of markings, most commonly white and tan.

Black and Tan
resembles the markings found on a Doberman or Rottweiler. Body is black with tan markings found on the eye brows, cheeks, muzzle, chest & legs.

Black Tri is when the color is a combination of black, tan, and white.

Black and White the dogs body will be black with white often found on the face, chest, and legs.


The chocolate is a very beautiful color in the chihuahua. It varies from a very dark rich to lighter shade.It is the term used for a brown chihuahua.Chocolates will have self colored nosed and eyes. When a chocolate has a black nose it would be considered a fawn.Markings in the chocolate color often include tan, white often found around the eyes, muzzle, cheeks, chest, and feet.

Chocolate and White
the dog has a chocolate body with white markings on the chest, face, and legs.

Chocolate Spotted on White is when the dog has a solid white base with patches or splashes of chocolate.

Chocolate and Tan is when the dog has a mostly solid chocolate body with tan markings above the eyes, on the cheeks, face , and legs.


Yes there are blue chihuahuas! This color is gray that has a blue hint, with various shades.Colors can appear almost black while other are more of a duller gray color.There can be several different markings and patterns in a blue dog with the most common being white. Tan may also be present.

Silver is a shade of blue that has white mixed in to give it a shinier appearance then a gray.

Blue and White
a solid base coat of blue with white markings around the face, chest, tail, or legs.

Blue Tri is when the dog has a color combination of blue, white, and tan.

Blue Spotted on White
mostly white with blue patches or splashed on the body.

As with the colors in chihuahuas, there are several different markings and patterns found in the chihuahua breed. These markings are often either marked or splashed.
 Marked is when a solid color has limited other colors either on the face or body.
Splashed is when there are patches of colors found on the body, also referred to as spotted on.

Brindled is very unique marking. It is a stripped marking resembling those of a tiger , that can be either solid or splashed.It is found in various shades.Most commonly found on the fawn chihuahua, although the brindled marking may also be found on a black,blue, or chocolate chihuahua.

Irish Marked is found on on a solid based colored chihuahua with white markings on the chest, tip of the tail, around the neck, legs, and down the face.

is hot topic among chihuahua breeders and exhibitors. It is a color combination in the coat that has a solid base color with lighter gray or reddish patches.It can be solid or splashed.

Sabled is when a solid color has another color throughout. You often find this in fawns.

Parti Colored is irregular patches of color on a white background . To be considered parti color the colored patches should cover the head and 1/3 of the body.
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